DrewEtnerWelcome to Aideacomm.  We offer complete quality care for $100/month. My name is Andrew Etner and I am a freelance web professional. I am not a part of a large company, but rather a family endeavor. My wife acts as my business manager and my father is occasionally subcontracted for additional design work. We are passionate about becoming a part of a solution and creating a partnership as your personal website manager. We are committed to providing services at the lowest cost possible, even offering a special rate for non-profit organizations. Thank you for visiting Aideacomm!

Andrew Etner

Tim S
Drew provides quick, professional, and quality web design work. He's always responded promptly to questions. He keeps an eye out for problems on the site. He's made our website functional, so even a novice like myself can keep some details updated. His pricing is generous for non-profits.
Aaron S
I have worked with Drew several times. He was fast, great to work with, eager to meet my needs, and I could trust that the end result would be the way I had described it and the way I wanted it completed.
Tom B
All the tools
Drew had helped us develop several web sites for our charities. He has all the tools to design what the bigger services offer - but at a much-reduced cost.
Rick H
Drew continually provides timely, outstanding service!